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50th Anniversary Series Qualifier 30.4.22
Results 30.4.22.jpg
50th Anniversary Series Qualifier 4.6.22
Results 4.6.22.jpg
Annual Trophy Winners 2022

The Petit Filou Trophy - Croftys Billy Branston & Sallie Waters
SDRC Horse of the Year - Lucy Vincent & Rehy Sunrise
The Pam Graves Memorial Trophy - Karen Cornforth & Dexter
The Clonky Trophy - Lucy Correia
Rosamund Ulliot Trophy - Debra Tyrer
The Ethel Memorial Trophy - Paul Stafford & Max
Hopeful Shenandoah Memorial Shield - Caroline Clark
The Millennium Trophy - Kay Traves
ROR Trophy - Paul Stafford & Max
50th Anniversary Series  League
Series League 1.jpg
Series League 2.jpg
ROR League Table 2022
ROR League.jpg
Overall Dressage League Table 2022
Dressage League.jpg
50th Anniversary Series Qualifier 10.7.22
Results 30.1.22.jpg
50th Anniversary Series Qualifier 21.8.22
Results 21.8.22.jpg
Overall SJ League Table 2022
SJ League.jpg
50th Anniversary Series Championship 17.9.22
Results 17.9.22.jpg
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